Before one can lead others, they must be able to lead themselves first.

What is Cognitive Self-Leadership?

Cognitive Self-Leadership is defined as the purposeful practice of engaging one's best thinking in any and all circumstances that matter. (© 2018 Axiogenics, LLC)

A significant part of self-leadership is self-understanding with a VQ Profile assessment. This provides people with important and actionable insights into how they think and make decisions. A VQ Profile also provides the key information needed to learn, practice and develop the Master Core Competency of Cognitive Self-Leadership.  (© 2017 Axiogenics, LLC)

Cognitive Self-Leadership Coaching Programs

Our CSL coaching will help individuals and teams increase their performance between 10-30% in six weeks or less.

1:1 Coaching
For executives, sales managers, and/or sales professionals; who know they will benefit from digging deep into what is holding them back from taking their performance to the next level.
Whether you are a top leader for your organization, an "A" player that can't seem to work with your team (or have one of these on your team), new to management, or new to sales, CSL coaching will be unlike any other experience. It will deliver results if you are committed to making a change.
Group Coaching
We have three group coaching programs:
  1. Team leaders within the same organization
  2. Same-level leaders in different organizations (business owners, sales leaders, etc.)
  3. Real estate professionals

Spencer is born leader with an unstoppable passion for self-growth and development.

Zach Z.

Manager of Program Management at Amazon

I found tremendous value into Spencer's insight in our business.

John B.

Senior Vice President at Wheels Up

Spencer is an extremely dedicated individual with exceptional leadership skills who has the ability to motivate you to reach your full potential.

Cody V.

Managing Director at Vaz Brothers Warehouse

Spencer is, in every sense of the word a, "go-getter"...not only is Spencer completely brilliant, he actually cares.

Nicole S.

Marketing Director at Creel/Digital Lizard

Spencer demonstrated an excellent and unique ability to lead a group of strong-willed professionals toward a unified and effective approach…Spencer demonstrates a mastery of the small and often underrated nuances that go into building healthy, trusting relationships. He goes the extra mile to make those around him feel listened to, valued and trusted.


Matt P.

Head of Digital Strategy at The Brand Agency

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