Ascending Leadership and Sales Intelligence


We are facing an epidemic of poor leadership in the workforce. Many leaders do not understand the difference between leading, managing and coaching nor have they ever had any formal training let alone ongoing training on or more of these skills as a supervisor. There is a reason elite athletes, actors and musicians are elite. They fine tune their skills, they practice, they work with a coach and they never stop learning. 


Whether you are a business owner, sales leader, real estate broker, real estate team, individual contributor on a sales team or any organization seeking to increase sales, PERFORMANCE NORTH will help you achieve new heights. Learn more about how our customized solutions will take your sales team revenue to the next level.



Spencer was fantastic. I found great value and have implemented the thought process exercises in my personal and professional life with incredible results. I have seen paradigm shifts in the overall well being of my personal and professional life. I am leveraging the tools and concepts that I've learned from Spencer with my sales force as I coach them to be the best people and career professionals that they can be. I look forward to having Spencer be an integral part of learning and development initiatives that will drive revenue and growth for our company. Thank you, Spencer for your patience, wisdom and encouragement. 


Vice President of North American Sales at LiquidSpace

Never have I worked with someone who was clearly so dedicated to achieving results than when I worked with Spencer. His passion and enthusiasm for coaching and building teams was evident...a large part of my success in brokerage is a direct result of his leadership and sales training. Spencer has the unique ability to inspire others to achieve results above and beyond their expectations.

Tyson C.

Senior Broker at HFO Investment Real Estate

Spencer is a born leader with an unstoppable passion for self-growth and development.

Zach Z.

Manager of Program Development at Amazon

Spencer is a master at teaching sales and an incredible leader.

Alec T.

Corporate Real Estate Advisor at Jones Lang LaSalle

Spencer is a rarity...he is easily able to collaborate with and tie people inside and outside of the company together for an easy and realistic game plan...this guy gets it done.

Nick C.

Owner at Chandler Motorsports

Spencer is a walking encyclopedia of sales techniques…his coaching sessions were highly impressive.

Matt R.

Hayden Properties

Spencer's honest approach and attention to details keep me coming back.

Don B.

Principal at 180 Partners

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